Y. R. – A wonderful book that is heartfelt!

A wonderful book that is heartfelt. I loved the book! She really put her heart and soul into the book. It was a beautiful insight into her adoption and real life struggles as well as her acceptance after finding her Korean family. We will read it for book club and I cannot wait to have the conversation! A wonderful book that is very heartfelt!!

Jill – A book that will take your breath away!

A beautifully written memoir that made me laugh & cry ~ sometimes simultaneously. The cultural divide between Korea and America is immense and one the author struggles to bridge throughout her life. Kate Anne’s descriptions of home and family will take your breath away…

Kindle Reader

This memoir inspires me to confront the past with courage. Like the author, I was also “given away”. Thank you for showing us why the journey is worthwhile. I highly recommend this honest and touching story of abandonment, belonging, searching, and healing. On these themes, Kate’s words and reflections are spot on. A beautiful read.

Laura B – Masterfully written!!

Sprinkled with as much humor as heartache, Kate Anne Kang’s raw and honest voice easily draws us in as she shares her emotional journey of self-discovery in this masterfully written book. Her narrative is both intimate and compelling. And though struggles of communication and self-expression seem to be one of the underlying themes, Kang’s sophisticated and artful, yet effective, writing style is a brilliant testament to her ultimate triumph.

Amazon Reader – Kate Anne Kang has engaged the reader in her amazing life journey

as a first time writer, Kate Anne Kang has engaged the reader in her amazing life journey. It is a book that one will want to read in one sitting. It begins with Kate saying goodbye to her Korean Mother, and ends when she visits them twenty some years later. She focuses throughout the book on the challenge of feeling”other”. Only when she visits her family in Korea does she come to terms with her American life. You will love it.

Bernhard – An amazing journey of a little girl from Korea adopted by …

An amazing journey of a little girl from Korea adopted by an American family. The book made me laugh and cry. It is beautiful written by Kate a very gifted writer. Loved, loved the book and would highly recommend it.

Slynnlund I absolutely loved this memoir – I couldn’t put it down

Kate writes so beautifully – I felt like I was on the ride with her. I laughed, I cried, I ached. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to any/all readers out there!

Lois Z. – Bold and Captivating

A beautifully written saga of a daughter’s quest to know herself told with a warm-hearted tribute to a long lost mother.