A photo of Oppa, Kate, and Omma together.
Omma and Oppa’s first visit to Minnesota.

I live in Minnesota where I teach English language learners from grades 1-12. I enjoy solitude and socializing equally. I play in not one, but two Chinese mahjong groups (going on sixteen years), I’m in a book club, and a writing group. For peace and quiet I run with my yellow lab or curl up in my sunny writing room to read. This room is also where the magic happened–my book.

I’m happily married to my best friend, Jon. I have two teens: a daughter, 20 and a son, 16. In two years when they graduate from college and high school respectively, we will take a family trip to Korea! They will have an opportunity to see their Halmoni (grandma), my Omma, who my daughter hasn’t seen in five years, nor my son since he was a baby.

Check under “Musings” for a reading I did for Listen To Your Mother Show, May 2016 held at the Riverview Theater. YouTube: Kate Gjerde.

Contact me on FaceBook: Kate Anne Gjerde

Here’s my health tip: eat your kimchi–daily!