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  1. Hi Kate, we met in Wordsmith. I’ve opened your memoir you gave me. As I’ve told you it’s really hard for me to do that. But if anything of yours ends up in my book, it’s not intentional and I have to give you credit.

    Your adoptive last name is Gjerde. I went to grade school with a Lisa Gjerde. Any relation? She was very shy and very intelligent. And the last name is very unusual, so I figure how many Gjerdes can there be?

    We should get together and share stories.


    1. Hi. Absolutely would love to hear your story. I’m around this weekend: my email:
      My adopted name was Strand. I kept my last name during my first marriage. Second marriage I took on Gjerde. Pain in the ass of a name, actually. Wish I had gone with Kang, but I do like it for my pen name.


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